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Welcome! In the pragmatist spirit, this website is an experiment with two goals: (1) to organize the vast and growing literature on pragmatism in the social sciences, and (2) to create a democratic community for scholars interested in sharing, evaluating, and discussing new and old pragmatist content (e.g. articles, books, reviews). By categorizing pragmatist topics and filling them with initial readings, the site will provide a useful  roadmap for new students of pragmatism. By crowdsourcing the circulation of pragmatist content to a  community of scholars, the site will be a productive means for scholars to discover new  readings that they might otherwise miss, or learn about later than would be desired (e.g. next pragmatist conference, Annual Review reading). Both goals are especially important given rising interest in pragmatism across the social sciences.

NB: As we begin to build the corpus of classic and contemporary pragmatist readings, we especially encourage contributors to  submit classical pragmatist readings, i.e. pieces from the 1st generation (~late 19th century) and 2nd generation (~first half of 20th century).