“Sociology and Pragmatism: The Higher Learning in America” by C. Wright Mills

Citation: Mills, C. Wright. 1964. Sociology and Pragmatism: The Higher Learning in America. New York: Paine-Whitman.

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The volume is a revised version of Mills’s doctoral dissertation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, brought into print after Mills was an established scholar. It is an important documentation of the early pragmatism influence on the author who later became best known for the empirical studies White Collar and The Power Elite and the methodological critique in The Sociological Imagination. The volume is an important contribution to the reception history of pragmatism in sociology. It can be usefully read in conjunction with two of Mills’s early papers, “Situated Actions and Vocabularies of Motive” (1940 ASR) and “Methodological Consequences of the Sociology of Knowledge” (1940 AJS).

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