About Us

In August 2015, the Pragmatism and Sociology conference was held in Chicago, a few days before the American Sociological Association's annual meeting. Sociologists and other social scientists and philosophers from around the US gathered to discuss a variety of pragmatist topics, such as pragmatist theory and evidence, agency and action, pragmatism's methodological implications, pragmatism in different fields of study, valuation, among others.

It attracted scholars all over the US, including Christopher Winship, John Levi Martin, Neil Gross, Christopher Muller, Isaac Reed, Mario Small, Matthew Desmond, Andrew Abbott, Ann Mische, Iddo Tavory, Paul Lichterman, Richard Swedberg, Steven Bargheer, Steven Hitlin, Dan Huebner, Phil Gorski, Nina Eliasoph, Dan Silver, and many others.

The discussion was so fruitful that a few of the others suggested it would be constructive to start building on an online community of scholars interested in sharing and discussing pragmatist ideas, and this community was born.